A Original Starz Series.
Creator: Sam Raimi
Exec Producers: Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, Bruce Cambell


Ash vs Evil Dead 3

A Starz Original Series

More zombies, more monsters, more blood and guts and more visual effects. The third and final season of Ash vs Evil Dead was the most ambitious of all its predecessors and came with new and exciting challenges for the team at Cause+FX to conquer.

Charged with over 500 VFX shots with a myriad of requirements, Cause exercised a wide range of its services to accommodate. Working closely with Visual Effects Supervisor Tim Capper, production Visual Effects Producer Rachel Copp and collaborating with Flux Animation, the team came together to come up with creative ways to solve the challenges within tight time frames. Everything from the usual blood and gore enhancement to CG volumetrics, vehicles, destruction, comps, set extensions and digital matte paintings. And of course there was room for plenty of laughs along the way.

Sam Raimi

Exec Producers
Sam Raimi
Rob Tapert
Bruce Cambell
Mark Verheiden
Rick Jacobson

Production Company
Starz Evil Dead NZ Ltd

Mark Beesley (301, 302, 307 & 308)
Diego & Andres Meza-Valdes (303)
Daniel Nettheim (304 & 305)
Regan Hall (306)
Rick Jacobson (309 & 310)

All Images Courtesy of Starz Entertainment. LLC. All Rights Reserved