Production Company: Augusto
Directed By: James Anderson

Adidas: attack the attack

Adidas: Attack the attack

To generate hype for the highly anticipated Lions Rugby tour 2017, Adidas and Augusto created the commercial ‘attack the attack’. Shot entirely from a point of view perspective, a special camera rig was created for the camera man – mounted on a helmet and equipped with a back brace, enabling the camera lens to take on the role of a rugby player, being tackled and tossed around the rugby field.

Cause+FX got to work – extending sets, rebuilding the fields and filling up the stadiums with crowds. Our team sold the experience: the viewer elbow to elbow with the players, bang in the midst of the action.

Agency/Production Company

Creative Directors
Matt Sellars
Rich Robson

James Anderson

Brad Harvey

VFX Supervisor
Charlie McClellan